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Fabulous Women, Brooklands Radio Interveiw

A Very Warm Welcome to you.

I hope you enjoy your visit and are able to use the EFT scripts available down the left hand bar.

I have developed this site to educate individuals about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Coaching. It is a place my clients, and anyone else, can visit for support and information when they need it.

The work I do is far reaching, and the issues I help individuals and groups resolve cover a variety of the difficulties we face as Human beings.

Whatever issues I work with from Fear of flying to anxiety, relationship difficulties to weight loss, a noticeable side effect is that Confidence and Self Esteem are raised.

Confidence is about being secure enough within yourself and your abilities to know that whatever happens, you can handle it. Self esteem is a knowing that you are valuable and are doing your best, which gives you the ability to forgive yourself when you need to without holding onto the mistakes you have made. At that vibration, you stop being anxious about what might happen, fearful of outcomes, holding onto the past. Your thoughts change – and with that change comes the pleasure and freedom of confidence and self esteem. Living a life in the way you choose. Are you ready for that?